We are Metallo Design

Metallo Design offers unique and stunning sculptures to buy and hire for private and corporate customers.

Imagine the attention a Metallo Design sculpture will have in your home or garden!

Do you own an office, restaurant, club, bar, gym, shop, leisure and entertainment business or even offices?

What impact would our sculptures have on your customers?

Do you have an exhibition, product launch, show or any special event coming up?

Hiring a spectacular Metallo Design sculpture will add amazing drama to any occasion.

Our metal sculptures all one-of-a-kind handmade works of art created from random recycled automotive parts. Some of the designs are inspired by movie characters but none are exact replicas.


Crafted from recycled scrap metal such as car body parts, chains, springs, rods, ball bearings, nuts and bolts, spark plugs, gears, engines, etc each sculpture is welded together piece by piece, polished then coated with acrylic lacquer to make it weather-proof so it can be located inside our outdoors.


Formed from 100’s sometimes 1,000’s of individual pieces the workmanship and detail on each sculpture is extraordinary.


We spectacularly breathe new purpose into metal parts that have come to the end of their useful life.

What’s happening at Metallo

is NOT an issue

You are only limited by your imagination

Our most popular sculptures are between 2.2M and 3M (approx. 7ft and 10ft) actually standing next to one the scale is overwhelming. We can produce them to virtually any size you require from as small as 50cm to 10 metres and even bigger!

Metallo Design offers a range of sculptures developed by our creative team and we can make bespoke designs to your specific requirements and to any size.

Special orders to date have included movie characters, horses, a giraffe, elephant, crocodile, lion, dragon, superheros, space craft, full size cars and motorbikes, dinosaurs, furniture, mirrors, lights, tables, people and human torsos.

Each sculpture takes up to a month to design, create and finish before it enters our gallery for sale or hire.

Customise it your way

If you would like to add any special features to your sculpture we can do that too. Metal parts can be painted to the colour of your choice and we have added LED lights for eyes and weapons.

If you are a business we can match your corporate colour. If you have any special features you would like for your sculpture just ask us.

I love these sculptures they are soooo cool. I’m going to get one as a surprise for my boyfriend but wrapping it and hiding is is going to be a bit of a challenge LOL. xx

Faye Simmons

I was told about the Metallo Design sculptures but nothing prepares you for when you actually see one. The scale is awesome and the detail fantastic. I’ve ordered one to promote my gym and I know my members are gonna absolutely love it!

John Emmerson

We were looking for something completely popping for our promotional stand. We’ve tried all the usual stuff in the past but nothing gets attention like a 3m Hunter towering over everyone. We have never had such a footfall before, it was well worth the investment.

Brian Berkin

Interested in owning your own Metallo Design Sculpture or hiring one for an event?

To find out what sculptures we have in stock or discuss your dream sculpture call us on 07702 379 538, email us on info@metallodesign.co.uk or use the form here...


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